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Updated 26th November 1998

VG Elemental and the Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure - Update

VG Elemental recognizes the importance of providing our customers with products that will continue to function correctly during the Year 2000 and beyond.

Concerns revolve around the ability of software, and firmware, to cope with the effects of the date change for the year 2000 and potential problems related to the manner in which the software and firmware handle the date code within the system when the last two digits change to 00. See Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure for full details of VG Elementals commitment to this issue.

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VG Elemental Announce UV MicroProbe II in Partnership with Merchantek EO

VG Elemental has been at the forefront of Laser Ablation technology for ICP-MS since 1986. The constantly changing needs of the analyst have always been met by the continuing development of VG Elemental's products. At all times the best available technology has been used with the application expertise and integrated tools provided by VG Elemental's leading edge ICP-MS software suite.

Continuing on from the UV MicroProbe, the first commercial ultra-violet laser ablation system to be fully integrated into the ICP-MS hardware and software, VG Elemental is proud to announce the development of the MicroProbe II in partnership with Merchantek EO. The original Microprobe opened up application areas in fluid inclusions and sub-ten micron geological features not seen before with infra-red laser ablation. The excellent sample visualisation, stage movement accuracy, sample handling qualities and user friendliness have been combined with the laser optics expertise of Merchantek EO to produce a laser ablation system of unsurpassed performance and ease of use.

Control of the laser ablation system is embedded within the Windows NTTM PlasmaLab software suite to be used by VG Elemental's PlasmaQuad and Axiom products. Ablation patterns are set up on screen by a "point and fire" interface and all parameters for ablation will be stored with the sample data for audit purposes. Options will be available for Autofocus, Binocular Microscope viewing as well as other application specific items to enhance the MicroProbe II's capabilities.

New Demonstration and Application Clean Room Facility at VG Elemental, Winsford, UK

VG Elemental recently installed a new applications and demonstration facility in Winsford, Cheshire. It incorporates a class 10,000 HEPA filtered clean room with a class 100 sample preparation area for the sole purpose of housing a VG Axiom, third generation, high resolution sector ICP-MS and two VG PlasmaQuad 3 ICP-MS instruments. This unique facility will be principally used to demonstrate the exceptional detection levels of the VG Axiom and VG PlasmaQuad 3 to our customers and to provide a work environment for our applications team to further study the effects of inherent low level interference’s in sample analysis.

New Telephone Number for Main Switchboard at VG Elemental (UK)

Following the introduction of a new telephone exchange system at VG Elemental (UK) The main switchboard number has changed to  +44 (0)1606 548100. The previous number of
+44 (0)1606 861022 will remain in use for a few more months, but will eventually be discontinued. The fax number remains unchanged.

Press Release Articles

TOSOH SMD Opt's for VG Elemental's VG9000 GDMS

Two VG 9000 Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometers (GDMS), from VG Elemental, have been selected by Tosoh SMD as primary tools in the company's quality control and research and development departments.
Full details of this and other PR articles can be found in the Press Release Section

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