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Register for the PlasmaCare™ Support Forum

Welcome to the PlasmaCare™ forum on VG Elemental's web site. This area, designed exclusively for owners of VG Elemental instruments, can only be accessed once you have registered and received your unique password.

The forum is available as a means of communicating direct with VG Elemental to ask questions and express opinions as well as providing access to the development, applications and support resources resident in Winsford.

A myriad of information, some of it downloadable, and resources to tap into at any time of the day or night simply by accessing your very own forum. The contents will continue to develop to help meet the needs of our global customer base.

Register today and receive your password to access the PlasmaCare™ forum and begin to participate in the future of ICP-MS.

VG Elemental Launch PlasmaCare™ Discussion Forum

User group meetings are an excellent forum for VG Elemental customers to exchange ideas and keep up to date with the latest developments in ICP-MS, unfortunately they only occur annually and are generally country/regional specific. To address this imbalance VG Elemental have recently introduced the PlasmaCare™ Discussion Forum, an on-line international user group meeting, which is available 365 days a year.

The PlasmaCare™ Discussion Forum is a listserver created to serve as a multipurpose email communication tool for VG Elemental customers, providing the opportunity not only to communicate directly with VG Elemental and our support offices around the world, but also with our international customer base.

Topics to be addressed within the Discussion Forum include analytical protocols & methodologies, hints & tips and recent developments in the field of elemental and isotopic ICP-MS. As the official VG Elemental discussion forum, all questions pertaining to VG Elemental products should be directed to this listserver.

To subscribe to the PlasmaCare™ Discussion Forum, simply complete the form below :

If you know of people who might be interested in this server and are existing VG Elemental customers, please pass along the subscription information.

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