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VG Axiom Added to VG Elemental's Sector MS Product Portfolio

As pioneers of in the field of isotopic and elemental mass spectrometry, VG Elemental introduced the VG 9000, glow discharge mass spectrometer (GDMS), in 1983. To date the VG 9000 GDMS is the industry standard for the analysis of high purity materials, providing unrivalled performance in the analysis of high purity metals, determination of dopants and impurities at ultra levels in semiconductors, metal alloys and semiconductors.

Continued investment in ongoing research and innovative programs resulted in the launch, by VG Elemental of the world's first the world's first high resolution, magnetic sector ICP-MS, the PlasmaTrace™, in 1989. The PlasmaTrace™ provided the ultimate in analytical performance for ultra-trace determinations of elemental species in a variety of matrices, particularly within the semiconductor industry and other applications areas, which require leading edge performance. It's successor, the PlasmaTrace™ 2 was also developed and launched by VG Elemental in 1994, to provide the analyst with the highest quality analytical performance coupled with improved productivity and ease of use.

The research and development group at VG Elemental has drawn upon its experience in Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TIMS) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), to develop the first isotope ratio mass spectrometer to combine a plasma source with a magnetic sector mass analyzer equipped with nine faraday detectors. Since its launch in 1994, 9 instruments have been installed and over 27 scientific publications released. Firmly establishing the VG Plasma 54 as the standard in ICP Multicollector Mass Spectrometry.

Due to a ruling of the US Federal Trade Commission the PlasmaTrace™ ICP-MS instrument had to be disposed of separately to the rest of the company and was therefore sold to Micromass. However, the technical expertise in isotopic and elemental mass spectrometry, in particular the core design team who designed the ion optics, mechanical and electronic engineering and the software team who designed the PT1 and PT2 remained at VG Elemental.

Since then an active development program has continued to ensure that we remain at the top of our chosen fields in both quadrupole and sector mass spectrometry. Resulting in the development of the VG Axiom,

a third generation high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, with optional multicollector ion detection system.

The VG Axiom is a compact ICP-MS optimized for High Resolution (HR-ICP-MS) and Multi-Collector (MC-ICP-MS) functionality.
The VG Axiom moves magnetic-sector ICP-MS into a new era; what was once a complex analytical tool is now a routine, integrated system optimized for both rapid high resolution, multi-element analysis and accurate and precise multicollector, isotope ratio analysis.

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