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Company Profile

VG Elemental has established itself as the innovator in elemental and isotopic mass spectrometry and the center of excellence within Thermo Optek for ICP-MS technology.

The company is committed to providing analysts with high performance instrumentation for research and development in the semiconductor, environmental, chemical, metallurgical, nuclear and earth science sectors.

Constantly developing its products and services in line with predicted customer demand, VG Elemental focuses its efforts on progressive research in the field of ICP-MS technology. As one of the first companies to produce ICP-MS instrumentation, our pedigree speaks for itself.

1983 VG Elemental launch the VG 9000 high resolution GD-MS
1984 VG Elemental deliver the world's first commercial ICP-MS - the PlasmaQuad
1986 VG Elemental launch the first laser ablation system for ICP-MS - the LaserLab
1987 VG Elemental introduce second generation ICP-MS - the PlasmaQuad 2
1989 VG Elemental introduce PlasmaTrace - the first magnetic sector ICP-MS
1989 VG Elemental introduce the GloQuad
1990 VG Elemental launch the PQ Turbo
1990 VG Elemental were the first to introduce electrothermal vaporisation (ETV) for ICP-MS
1990 VG Elemental introduce compact ICP-MS
1991 VG Elemental launch further accessories - LaserProbe and Auto ETV
1992 VG Elemental launch Mistral - desolvating nebuliser
1994 VG Elemental launch Plasma 54 Multicollector Isotope Ratio ICP-MS
1994 VG Elemental introduce the PQ-S - ultra high sensitivity quadrupole ICP-MS
1994 VG Elemental introduce PrepLab - on-line liquid sampling accessory
1994 VG Elemental introduce PlasmaTrace 2 - fully automated high resolution ICP-MS
1995 VG Elemental introduce the UV Laser MicroProbe
1996 VG Elemental introduce the VG PlasmaQuad 3
1998 VG Elemental launch VG Axiom, Third Generation High Resolution ICP-MS

VG Elemental has a wealth of expertise in elemental and isotopic mass spectrometry, dedicated to fulfilling the needs of analytical chemists worldwide. Evidence of this is seen in our extensive upgrade program; an existing user with a decade old PQ1 ICP-MS can upgrade their instrument to the analytical performance of today's instruments. No other manufacturer of ICP-MS instrumentation can make such a claim!

In early 1996 the core inorganic mass spectrometry business of Fisons Instruments (VG Elemental) was transferred to Thermo Optek Corporation part of Thermo Instrument Systems, the largest subsiduary of Thermo Electron Corporation.

Since then an active development program has continued to ensure that we remain at the top of our chosen fields in both elemental and isotopic mass spectrometry. Resulting in the development of the VG Axiom, a third generation high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, with optional multicollector ion detection system at the Winter Plasma Conference in Scotsdale, Arizona in Jaunuary 1998.

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